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Frequently asked questions:

Getting started

How do I register?

Click on the “Login/Register” button toward the top right corner of your screen and follow the instructions.

We’ll ask you for a few details, including your delivery address. You’ll also be asked to create a password. After registration, you’ll automatically be logged in to the site and you will be able to start shopping! You can update your billing and delivery address details at any time in future – just log in and select “My Addresses”.

Do I have to register?

You don’t have to register to simply be able to browse our website but to be able to purchase goods or signup for our newsletter you will be required to register. It’s a quick and easy process.

Making a payment

How do I check out?

Simply click on “Check Out” or on your shopping cart on the right-hand side of the page and follow these steps:

  • Summary: Review the items in your Shopping Cart. You can make any ammendments to your order from here, delete an item or change the quantities of item/s.
  • Login: (If you have already logged into your account this step will be skipped)

If you already registered an account with us you can simply type in your user name and password and click on (Login)

If you do not have an account, type in your email address to create an account and click on (Create Your Account). Now follow the instructions.

  • Address: Review your delivery details and ensure they are correct.
  • Delivery: Choose your prefered delivery option. Orders over R400 qualify for Free Delivery (Only in major hubs of PTA, JHB, DBN & CT)
  • Payment: Click on the Paygate Block to select your preferred payment. This will then take you to the payment page where you will enter your card details to make the final payment.

Payment Options

Credit Card: We accept 3D secure registered credit cards from major card companies. Find out what 3D secure is and how to register.

3D Secure Payments

3D Secure is a security measure aimed at protecting customers against Credit Card fraud when shopping online. The cardholder will need to register for the service, at no additional cost, and then use a password for authentication when shopping online in future.

To shop online you are required to enrol and activate your card(s) for this service. You will not be able to shop at participating merchants if you have not activated your card(s).

How does 3D Secure work?

When an e-commerce transaction occurs on a 3D Secure website and the cardholder is paying using a credit card enrolled in 3D Secure, either the MasterCard or Visa pop up or inline security screen appears. The cardholder enters his/her 3D Secure password for authentication, and upon successful verification, the transaction is processed.

The benefits of 3D Secure for online shoppers

Through Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, credit cards can be protected against unauthorised use when shopping online. All customers need to do is enrol themselves online and once activated, their card number cannot be used for purchases without their personal password. Certain banks automatically enrol their customers in the 3D Secure program.

How do you register for 3D Secure?

You will only need to enrol for 3D Secure once (for each credit card you own) to be able to safely shop online in the future. This is a 2 step process and can be instantly completed online via your bank’s website and is a necessary procedure to ensure peace of mind whilst making online purchases.

Below are the links for the various major banks in South Africa and how to register your card for each bank:

Absa Bank

Should you require further information, please contact the Absa 3D Secure Call Centre on 012 317 3344.


Should you require further information please call 011 710 4710

Standard Bank

Should you require further information, please call 0861 201 311 (South Africa only) or +27 11 241 1311, email standard bank at ss@standardbank.co.za


Should you require further information, please call (011) 369-2999


Investec Cardholders 3D help desk: 011 286 9663 (can only be done telephonically)

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