Be Happy and Comforted – Coffee Is A Guilty Pleasure 

Coffee or tea – you choose the drink that says “good morning” first thing when you wake up every day. Millions of individuals choose coffee to put a spring in their step and a smile on their faces as this is the perfect way to start a day, every day. Coffee is the great pick-me-upper that many of us simply cannot live without. 

Most coffee lovers enjoy a special bond with this beverage that comes in myriad flavours and textures; a bond that we don’t have with numerous other drinks and foods. But why is it that coffee enthusiasts have such attachment to this humble beverage, and what makes coffee lovers coming back for more time and time again during the day? It should, therefore, come as no small surprise that we refer to coffee in emotional terms, be it comfort, a reward, a bit of nostalgia or even a guilty pleasure. 

It has been scientifically proven that coffee is a stimulant which is responsible for releasing the neurotransmitters (dopamine) in the brain. Dopamine is responsible for producing the “happy feelings” that coffee lovers experience with their first cup of the day. Because the caffeine content in coffee makes us happy it is small wonder many of us drink so much of this beverage every day. 

Our lifestyle generates plenty of fatigue and this is often why coffee has become the safe, go-to beverage getting the results we crave. 

Coffee or Tea – What is most popular?

This is what Scientists are Saying About Coffee and Those “Feel Good” Results 

When we drink coffee, they mimic adenosine in our brains (this is a neurochemical found in the brain). The adenosine in our brains are chemicals that can make us switch off and feel sleepy; coffee then blocks the adenosine from performing their usual function. This means that coffee interferes in the function of adenosine in our brains and makes us more alert. When these adenosine receptors are blocked our bodies release their own stimulants which are glutamate and dopamine which are the “feelgood” chemicals that make us happy and alert. Your cup of coffee can make you feel happy because it stimulates the neurotransmitters in the brain. 


When Too Much of a Good Thing is no Longer Good for You 

All things in life are good in moderation. When we overdo the consumption of coffee and caffeine it is no longer just a “feel good” thing but can become bad for you in the long term. Limiting your intake of coffee is advisable because a certain daily dosage of caffeine your body could develop caffeine resistance and you will no longer get the “feel good” feeling that you need. 

All good things in life in moderation is something we should all strive towards. If coffee is your happy, “feel-good” stimulant that gets you going first thing in the day, there is a real reason for this happy, indulgent pick-me-upper as scientists have proven 

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